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Bumble Review - Find Online Friends And Make Purposeful Connections.

Bumble is a dating app that puts the power in the hands of women. For a man to be able to contact a woman, she must first show an interest in him and increase the security that other services lack. Bumble, created by one of Tinder's co-founders, shares many features with the popular app, especially the concept of sliding to show your interest in the same user, but the app isn't as popular as the meat market. If you're a person who's happy to sit down and let women control the interaction, Bumble is your choice.

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  • The Bumble App has a staggering 140K followers on Facebook.

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    Bumble offers free memberships and paid membership subscriptions (called Bumble Boost). You can also buy COINS and use them for enhancements in the dating app.:


    1 week for $8.99 per week

    1 month for $24.99 per month (save 35%)

    3 months for $16.66 per month for a total of $49.98 (save 56%)

    6 months for $13.33 per month for a total of $79.98 (save 67%)

    Bumble Coins:

    Used to pay for enhanced features like the SuperSwipe

    1 coin cost $1.99

    5 coins cost $7.99

    10 coins cost $14.99

    20 coins cost $24.99

    If you really enjoy the match rather than swiping to the right, you can super-swipe through them by clicking/clicking on the heart icon. In this way, you can draw your attention to the people you are truly interested in. They will receive a specific notice about your interest in them that will stand out in the other competitions. It requires a Bumble coin to use.


    • Pros:
      • Women don't get inundated with unwanted messages because only they can initiate contact. Because she chooses to contact you, she can easily move it out of the application.
      • The app's gender demographics are roughly equal, with 55 percent of its users being men.
      • Setting up an account is easy because your resume can't be more than 300 characters long.
    • Cons:
      • A man can't send the first message - only a woman can initiate a conversation. So if you have some great icebreakers in your arsenal, you won't have a chance to use them.
      • After both sides slide correctly, she has only 24 hours to establish contact with you, so if the woman you're interested in doesn't send you a message, the game is lost. (But read on to find a way to extend the deadline!)
      • Search terms include gender, age and location, and provide limited information about your race. If you're looking for something specific, like Ms. Brunette, 23, who would like to have children someday, switch to online dating sites like Match.com

    Users' Reviews

    "Dear Bumble team, you acknowledging people's complaints about your app means nothing unless you do something about it. It's odd for a dating app to actively prevent people from connecting, and this is even if you pay. I guess Bumble decided to go a different way with it. Interesting choice but seemingly not a popular one given the same reviews from others. I know it's not me as, on another better dating apps, I do quite well. "

    Bumble can be accessed from their website, as well as from the Android Google Play and iOS Apple App store. The 'Bumble' dating app has become popular with women across generations, thanks to its ability to control conversations and the service's high standards of respect for other people's behavior.